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Wholly Cow

September 8, 2015

Wholly Cow by K Henderson

Wholly Cow, 14 x 14, oil on board

This painting was great fun to create. It has my vintage blocks, marbles, a ceramic cow, a marionette and a photo of a cow. It’s everything a Cow Lover would want in a panting.


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Operation Game by K. Henderson

November 2, 2013
Operation Game by K Henderson
Operation, 30 x 40, oil on linen
Here’s the finished painting. I worked on the lower right and the background. I thought the background looked a bit flat so I darkened 2 of the corners and brightened some other areas.
The game was invented by John Spinello as a school assignment while he was a student at the University of Illinois in 1962.  Milton Bradley released the game in 1965 featuring Cavity Sam with his light up red nose and many ailments; Bread Basket, Butterflies in the Stomach, Ankle Bone Connected to the Knee Bone, Spare Ribs, Funny Bone, Water on the Knee, Charley Horse, Adam’s Apple, Writer’s Cramp, Wish Bone, Wrenched Ankle and Broken Heart.
Operationfinal detail

Operation game – Work in Progress

October 21, 2013

Day 1

Operation, WIP, 30 x 40

I had a request to create a painting of the board game ‘Operation’.  I decided to post the images of the Work In Progress.

My first step, which I’m not showing, is the drawing on tracing paper. When I’m happy with the drawing I transfer the drawing to the canvas. Then I start blocking in the colors. I like to loosely block in the colors over the entire canvas so I can get a ‘feel’ for the painting and composition.

This is how the painting looks at the end of the first day.


PB&J painting demonstration

June 26, 2011

Midnight Snack, 30 x 40, oil on linen

You may not be able to see much difference but I spent the day working on the waxed paper and the milk glass.

Now the painting is Resting. Other than a few shadows and smoothing of color transitions in the milk, I think the painting is finished.

I really enjoyed painting all the different textures in this peanut butter and jelly painting


PB&J day 3

June 24, 2011

PB&J, Work in Progress

Today I worked on the bottom half of the Sandwich. The sandwich is about 95% complete. I blocked in some details on the cookie, the milk glass and the shadow to the right of the glass.

PB&J Day 2

June 23, 2011

PB&J, work in progress, day two

Today I worked on the detail of the top half of the sandwich, the texture of the bread and put another layer of paint of the bottom half of the sandwich. I also drew the detail of the glass with a white pencil

Here’s a detail of the sandwich

Reflections in Red – Work in progress

January 3, 2011

Reflections in Red, work in progress, 24 x 24

I hope to have this finished tomorrow. I really love the rich red color!

Sunflowers – Work in Progress

September 26, 2010

Sunflowers, detail, work in progress

My painting is going along slowly as usual but I’m liking it so far

Bar Jar – Work in progress – Detail

April 26, 2009


The most time consuming part of this painting was the lettering on the jar. But I enjoyed the challenge

Ball Jar – Work in progress

April 26, 2009


I’m happy with the way this painting is coming along. I did a grisalle underpainting and am starting to lay in the colors. The jar is filled with pastel candy easter eggs but I will make the eggs bright with multiple layers of color.

This painting is 24″ x 18″, oil on canvas