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It was Neither More Nor Less Than a Pig

January 24, 2012

K. henderson painting contemporary realism

It was Neither More Nor Less Than a Pig, 18 x 24, oil on cradled board

This is the finished painting. The title comes from a line in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

The porcelain was a bigger challenge than I thought it would be.

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Porcelain Porcine – Day 4

January 20, 2012

K henderson Porceline pigs work in progress

Porcelain pigs, work in process

I decided to dull down the background a bit.I spent most of the day blending and smoothing the porcelain.

Porcelain Porcine – Day 3

January 19, 2012

K henderson Porcelain pigs

Porcelain Pigs, work in progress

I skipped showing the image for day 2 because I think only I could tell that any progress was made. Day 2 was spent adding shape and form, darks and lights to the porcelain.

Here, at the end of Day 3, you can see that everything has started to solidify. The shapes are taking on more character.

More tomorrow

Porcelain Porcine – Work in progress

January 18, 2012

Porcelain Pigs, work in progress
I had a Need to create a painting with bone china or porcelain. My first thought was ‘Teacups’. But as I browsed through my Cabinet of Curiosities I came across this sounder of pigs.

I draw the still life on a piece of tracing paper first then transfer the drawing onto the canvas or board.

Sometimes I do detailed monochromatic or Grisaille underpaintings and then build up the colors. This is a fairly monochromatic painting so I’m starting by blocking in the colors and the lights and darks.

This is how the painting looks at the end of Day 1. More tomorrow

Reflections of a Chocolate Tart by K Henderson

January 12, 2012

Reflections of a Chocolate Tart, 24 x 12, oil on cradled board

I wanted to do a simple painting and since I haven’t painted Food in awhile I chose to set up this little chocolate still life.

The curved shape of the cherry stem really complemented the almost symmetrical shape of the chocolate tart.

I See by Your Outfit by K Henderson

January 2, 2012

I See by Your Outfit, 30 x 20, oil on canvas

The title of this painting comes from a line in the song “Cowboy’s Lament”: I see by your outfit that you are a cowboy

This Trompe L’Oeil painting has everything you need to be a cowboy (or cowgirl). First, you have your fringed shirt with a sheriff’s badge. Add your boots, gloves and a scarf signed by the King of the Cowboys, Roy Rogers. You can’t go anywhere without your horse,your six shooter and favorite Dime Novel. Take along your pardner, Howdy Doody, and you’re ready to hit the trail. Yee Haw!